Shingle wrinkles on 5 year old roof


Roof was installed roughly 5 years ago. Customer just called regarding this wrinkle/bubble. Obvious guess is that the underlayment is wet but curious why this took 5 years to show up. Would the correct repair be to tear off section where this wrinkle is and replace underlayment and shingles?


That is odd for it to be fine for so long and then just pop up.

You need to take that area apart and find out why it’s doing that and simply put it back together.

Please share what you find so that we can learn.

Sometimes shingles will buckle and do that but this happens within the first couple of yrs usually.

Do you know the brand of the shingle?


Looks to me like the sheet of plywood popped up at the seam.
Did you actually go look at it?

The plywood is popping up because it wasnt nailed down properly.

Definitely a plywood deck.
Osb wouldnt have done that.
Even if nailed improperly.

In florida anyway,
I think that is my new tag line. Hahaha


Notice the dip to the left of the plywood seam
( the wrinkle)
And notice that the wrinkle is four feet long
(Counting the shingles)
And it is the distance of a width of a sheet of plywood.

I believe there also could be a leak at the top of that “wrinkle” also.
You can see a pooling area right above the wrinkle. That contributed to the dip/warp and the nails easily backed out from a poorly nailed edge of the sheet of plywood.


I agree with roof lover. Its a sheet of ply popped up. Underlayment can’t possibly cause that extreme of a hump. And yes the proper fix will involve removing the shingles to nail the ply back down and replace shingles (and any other issue you see), I really can’t believe a roofer would have to ask that.


3rd vote on a seam pop on a sheet of plywood most likely caused by it getting wet or possibly from excessive heat.


Thanks all! Will add pictures once we tear off this section and see how bad the leak is.