Shingle type new house

Is there anyone who can guess what roofing system this is just off of looks.

I’m not real good with “which shingle is it” thing but that looks a lot of a Certainteed Horizon or Independence. What makes me doubt that as both are discontinued shingles and you say this is a new roof.

The house was built about a year ago. I was thinking it looked like a Certainteed landmark.

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More likely. We rarely install Certainteed.

Agreed, that prominent shadow line sure does look like CT landmark

Get a shot of the ridge caps,certainteed caps are very distinctive

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Looks like Landmark Moire Black. The ridge doesn’t appear to be Certainteed shadow ridge though, unless they installed them with extra exposure.

That’s both certainteed ,ridge cap is clipped on corners. I install them.

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And that is a good looking roof.
Id like to know which plant that came from.

Love seeing the comparison to next door.
Next door is GAF timberline and their ridge vent.
Next to Certainteed with what appears
Owens corning ridge vent…

This is the best I can get of the ridge cap without getting on a ladder, and a shot of it standing back. I agree it looks like ct landmark moire black.

I had Owens Corning Oakridge Tru def in Onyx black on my old house and really liked the look.


The only shingles I like the look of are the ones in the rearview mirror, with the final check on the dash!