Shingle technique

i was just curious as to how people are laying their shingles in other areas of the country in tx we put them on 5’’ centers instead of 4 or 6’’ its faster and no lines to get messed up by any of your less observant shinglers lol but i have noticed that in some of the northern states they are still putting them on 6’’ centers let me know what yall r doing

We install them per manufacturers specs, no exceptions.

and we all use G-Tape.

we dont do 3 tabs (maybe 2-3 roofs a year)

Their are manufacturers specs for the other sized layouts too, but in the Chicago area, it is rare to see anything but the 6" method.


we almost never due tree tabs anymore but when we did it was manufactures specs 6" offset obviously.

let me get this strait .
your runnin 3 tabs racked at 5" instead of 6"(the middle).

uh .


What Gweedo said.Uh,what?You couldn’t have said it better.Next time you have a break read the bundle…

next time you r in tx take notice to the centers on 3 tabs i have talked to both tamko and gaf reps and it does not affect the warranty in any way at all in fact the shingles will wear longer beacause with them staggered every 6 as you know every other 1 is in line with the other therefore it creates kind of a trough so to speak to channel water down with them on a 5 center this is not true i have no problem with the 6 method i was merely curious it does not adversly effect the life of the shingles at all but thanks for your input

I see the “angled eye lines” from time to time. My hobby farn had Sealdon 25 Weather Wood ran this way and it sort of bothered me. Wasn’t about to tear off the 10/12 because of it though. The only idea I can make of it is since the roofers can’t run a straight row they have to angle the eye lines so you can never look straight up the eye lines from the ground.

Although only a few roofs per year are installed with three tabbers we run them with a 6 inch offset always.


Malarkey shingles are run at a 5 5/8" offset. It explains how to do this on the packages. It is also required. I think that different regions have different requirements. Malarkey is primarily a Pacific Northwest and Alaskan brand though. I have never seen any Tamco here and only a few Certainteeds. GAF is sold only at Home Depot.


Hey Kieth,

One of my suppliers here in the Chicago area is going to start selling Malarkey Shingles.

I believe one style is the Legacy.

What info do you have on the different versions of styles, pro or con.

I have only heard great things about the mod bit shingle.



ED- About 95% of the shingle roofs that are installed where I work are Malarkey. Mostly Legacys or Alaskans.
They do have a lower grade shingle but they are not modified like the Legacys. The cheaper are called Highlanders(architectual) and Duriseals(3-tab). I can’t remember when the last time I saw a truck leave the yard with either of these.
I personally have seen the Alaskans withstand 140+mph winds during storms on the Bering Sea coast of Alaska. In Anchorage we have had 100+mph winds coming off the hillside and we don’t lose that many shingles. As with any shingle what really matters is how they are installed. We 6 nail everything here.
BTW I have not forgotten about the pictures I just have to find which thumb drive they are on and upload them.


i was in cali and noticed water course bein run at an angle up the roof.
thought that was crazy too.

like ive allways said here.
there is no rite way to roof.
only different ways.


oh boy.


It is called a 5" offset and is approved by Certainteed.
It is a good method for large roofs with long runs since the cut outs don’t line up every other course it is more forgiving.
Some people like the look and I have been specifically asked to do this more than once, it has been a very long time though…
It doesn’t affect the performance or the warranty of the roof, just the look.

Thanks Keith.

On a really long vertical run, I could definitely see some benefits of doing the 5" method. I think I would have to re-train my entire crew though.

It is not very common to see at all, and to the untrained eye, it may look like it is done wrong. Not wrong, just different.


Malarkey stuff is everywhere. Just not labeled as Malarkey. See Able/Mr. Roof “Thunderguard”.


Ed- When I was working in Virginia everything was standard measurements.That was 1987 to 1998. When I moved to Alaska I had to retrain myself to run the patterns at a 5 5/8" because the shingles were metric and that was how it was done here. I did not have to change much because basic shingling is all the same.
Once you have your crew read a package and they run a few patterns they might get in a rhythm and roll with it. You never know.


No Marlarky shingles in Massachusetts. I wish there were I would like to try them.