Shingle tear off and Installment. Was I scammed?


Hello, I recently hired a contractor to do a shingle tear off and installment. He said he would charge me for the entire job by the square footage done. My total square footage is 21.30 squares so I ordered 70 bundles for waste and to keep a couple in case some needed to be replaced from wind blow off.

After he finished the job he told me that I owed him for 23 squares because I ordered 70 bundles. I told him we only ended up using 66 bundles and in addition why was he basing his price on bundles (he used 64 bundles and 2 bundles of waste)?

I payed him with a check (I never had time to think it through before he left) so I could cancel the check and than give him the correct amount. What should I do? If I cancel the check he will be pissed. Thanks


Did you hire a contractor or a installer?
Most contractors will give you a set price and typically they supply materials.
Installers on the other hand tend to charge based on number of bundles used- many also count bundles of starter and cap into this square count.
My suggestion is if you’re happy with the work, be happy with the check you wrote. If by chance you need him to come back he’ll be much less likely to answer his phone if you cancel this check. Heck I know subs that would be tearing off your shingles during a rain storm if their check was cancelled


Very strange way to do business, but your talking about a difference of 1 square cost. If he did a good job, leave well enough alone.


Yea i’d just leave it go. This is why I don’t give a price per sq and only give a quote for the job itself. Was the person who quoted the job involved in the install itself? I imagine it was a case if a salesmen who didn’t actually know much about how the actual roofing process goes down.


Agree. I price for the job, never for the amount of material. I started as a clean up and tear off guy in the early 80’s. I got paid by the hour. After a year or so of installing shingles, I would get paid by the job. The company paid me and the other roofer by the amount of material delivered. If they dropped 60 bundles and we had 6 bundles left, we got paid for 60 bundles. I found out later that the reason my boss did it that way is because he could keep the 6 bundles for the next job. Previously they paid for what was installed, not what was delivered. This led to roofers stealing material to get paid more money or throwing it in the trash trailer.