Shingle Repair Work


Hi I just got a few shingle repair by a contractor and I have no idea if this looks fine or not. I had 3 shingles replace near the front by the gutter that was halfway blown off by mother nature. I have attached the finish result. The new shingles are wavy which concerned me. I am not sure if that is normal since it’s new. I am in the Bay area and the weather been around 50-60s.

The contractor told me it should settle once we get some warm weather. So I am here to confirm with you guys before I pay him out.

Thank You,


They should settle once they heat up.


Good looking roof.
Nice Cap!!!
Nice dimensions!


I’d pay the man and then maybe see if he can look at that gutter to down spout connection


Don’t worry, it will settle down.


Thank You for all the response guys. It makes me feel better knowing it’s normal to be like that until it settles.

Will definitely be back here with more roofing questions later on.