Shingle Recommendation Northesr

Looking for manufacturer recommendation for shingles. I’m in northern NY state. Currently have 20+ year old IKO Chateau which have been really good other than one spot. Roof is 6/12 and I don’t ever plan to move. Looking for the best architectural shingle.

Thank you!

Owens corning Oakridge is my goto and probably the best value architectural, but nothing special in terms of appearance. They should get you 20yrs

I like the Certainteed Northgate, but they cost almost double. I installed a few over the last 2 years, they seem like they will hold up well, but have not seen how they age.

This is a tough one, because it seems like there is a lot of batch to batch variation in quality of asphalt roofing even within same brand and line.

I don’t think many people are getting their money’s worth with upgrade to “premium shingles”. The rate of premature failure seems too high to justify the cost of upgrade unless you want a certain look.

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buy any brand,15-30k for reroof / 15yrs = 1000-2000 per year ,not bad. assuming you’re using someone that takes pride in workmanship.

You didn’t give your age. This is a factor when I bid jobs for people who “aren’t going to move”. 15-20 years for a comp roof is disgusting to me in this situation. If you are under 60 and don’t want to deal with it again put on a standing seam metal roof.

Wife is dead set against a metal roof. :smirk:

Owens Corning Duration, Certainteed Landmark or Atlas Pinnacle will all serve you well if installed correctly. Focus on hiring a good contractor more and which brand off shingle less.

Thanks for the responses. When I had current roof installed 22 years ago, IKO was on 95% of the roofs in my area.
Hoping for at bnbleast 22 years out of the next one. .

This is the bad spot after 22 years. Just showed up this fall. How long do I have left?:slight_smile:

You’re done. Get a new roof.

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Yah I figured.
Thank you

If you use full Ice and watersheild under Certainteed shingles you will see 30 years plus before needing to reroof. I live in Florida and have seen Certainteed Landmarks go the distance many time with this underlayment

Underlayment plays no part in the longevity of the shingles installed over it.

Where did you get this information?


If ou want to stock with iko from your current experience, the dynasty line isnt half bad. I wouldn’t recommend the cambrige line,they have blow off problems here in Ontario.
Certainteed,BP and OC are all good products that should be available to you.

Thanks for the insight. Plan to get 3 estimates and replace in spring. Hoping to get at least 22 years again.

use iko again,most people want dimensional,i like 3 tab shingles,benefits of a 3 tab is reroofing over top after 25 years as long as framing is strong

IKO Cambridge sucks and overlays are almost always a bad idea. Would you do it on your house?