Shingle Rebate system


Found out this past week that Elk-GAF has discontinued the rebate system. They say they cancelled it in July 2008. Funny how we are just finding out about it. It was something I could use as a tool for selling a job. I knew that I could lower the price according to the rebate. I also enjoyed the extra 2k dollars a year. Anyone else have their rebates axed?


I won’t buy GAF/ELK so no nothing of the nature of there rebate program.

What I do know is Certainteed had a good rebate program going on from Jan 1-Sept 1 2007. $1.50 per square rebate for Landmark 30’s with a 300 sq limit in 5 states, my state was one of those. $2 per square for Landmark Plus and $3 per square for Landmark Premium. That year I got back about $1,300 and the 30’s cost under $50 a square back then!

Last year CT dropped the rebate altogether on the 30’s and payed $1 a square for the Plus and $2 a square for the Premium and $5 a square for the TL’s. I submitted a rebate for 50sq or TL’s and found I was 14 days past the rebate program, $250 lost. Now come to find out no rebate at all for the Landmark TL in 2009.


Been on the Elk rebate system for the past 9yrs. We don’t have a limit, so some years, it’s meant 2 to 3K dollars extra to me. Sure am going to miss it.