Shingle Ratings

Hi. I’m up on the Canadian prairies. My 14 year house needs new shingles. I had 3 tap asphalt shingles that failed on the southern exposure. The shingles were listed as 235 # weight. Since all the new shingles have “year” ratings I’d like to know what the modern equivalent to 235 # weight is

Most likely a 20 yr.
Look at architecturals from Certainteed and GAF/Elk.

a fiberglass shingles.
any year.


An in between ranking from the lightest bottom of the barrel 3-tab shingle to a decent weight 3-tab shingle.

The better F/G shingles weigh between 242-250 pounds per square, but weight is not the only consideration when it comes to quality of the product.


Okay. I can get IKO Cambridge or Certainteed Landmark shingles (both 30 year) for the same price. keeping in mind the temperature fluctuations up here (+100 to -30 f), which is best.

Certainteed without question.

Certainteed LanMarks are a great shingle.

IKO is at the bottom of the barrel according to most knowledgeable roofing contractors.


One last question and then I will leave you guys alone. I’ve decided on the Certainteed Landmark shingles. My roofer will be installing a water and ice child to the eaves and valleys. Would I be wise to go with a felt underlay on the rest of the roof?

Yes, for the shingle Class A or Class C fire-rating to be in effect the felt paper underlayment is required, plus, it is just good roofing practice.