Shingle Quality

Is there any difference in quality between a GAF 30 year architectual (80 mph) shingle and an Owings-Corning 30-year shingle (70 mph))?

Out of those 2 i would go with GAF. Certainteed would be my first pick.

i would def. pick GAF first. owens corning would be my 3rd pick (at best)

Owens corning for quality.
GAF for looks.

Certainteed and GAF are way better shingles than OC.

I would pick certainteed,tamko,atlas, owenscorning archs before i would pick GAF timberlines.

Just my opinion. More opinions seem to differ…

If it were my house and I couldn’t get Landmarks I would put on Durations before Timberlines.

I would however want to stay away from the Owens Corning Oak Ridge Pro shingle line.

I bad mouthed Duration until I laid them. Way better than any Timberline I’ve ever seen.