Shingle Prices

What are you paying for 30yr dimensional (Certainteed OR GAFELK) with all of the recent increases?

Im in Ohio and with GAFElk and Certainteed’s 6/16 increase, a supplier just increased the price to over $65 per sq…OUCH!

Tamho’s are at 60.00 and OC Oakridge is at 63. OC Duration is at 73.00…


They are at 55.00 here from Bradco, but the price is going up every 10 days by 10% and the smaller suppliers are at 72.00 already…they say over 100.00 by labor day! OUCH!

Prices are as follows for Landmark AR 30’s.
$40 a square in 06
$44-48 a square in 07
$52 a square up until recently (08), a few colors left
$58 a square right now for most colors.

My rep at the lumber yard said he tried getting a load of black GAF/ELKs and he had to have them shipped from a hundred miles away and paid $74 per square for them (30 year). Every place he usually buys from has none and they are said to be on very short supply.