Shingle overhang too short

So, we added shingles to a new dormer section added and the company said that we didn’t keep the length of overhang at the bottom over the fascia the same as the rest of the house.
Does this whole section need to be torn off, or is there an easier way that someone can give me details on a method that has worked for them? Maybe just a few shingles replaced??? We have been back over and over again to do other details and contractor is always short materials and waits days to get them. So then we have to back to do this or that. From experience, we are going to tear off this whole section and redo. Just hoping there is another way.
Thanks guys.

Not doing the proper overhang is a very common mistake a lot of contractors make with roofing. It usually will cause the facia and rakes to prematuely rot out.“always overhang” yes even with drip edge.

If they are laminate shingles it will be tough to spud a few out and run a few high rows. With three tabs it will be cake work.

See roofs with no overhangs from time to time and always have to figure in replacing rotted wood as a result.

Commons sense says to overhang, right???

Pop the nails 11" in from the rakes.Install a 3 tab shingle sideways along the rake evenly.