Shingle Identification


Trying to identify manufacture of the singles on my roof. Took a picture of spare I had from when the house was built in 2004. Any thoughts?


GAF. The MY will designate the plant location. I’m guessing Myerstown, PA
I don’t think it was an Elk, because they used a paper seal strip about that time.


Thanks, I thought they may be GAF, but just wasn’t sure.


I think they are Timberline from 2004 and I am having some issues with them. Need to explore if they are covered under the class action claim. Splitting and tearing.


I’m not sure which claim that would be. Every manufacture has suits against them from time to time. I recall one GAF class action suit ended a year ago. Class action means, legal counsel gets rich, you get nothing. The shingle was probably a 25yr laminate timberline. If it was a manufacture defect, they would have you jump thru a few hoops , then pro rate the shingle. Ask you for documentation of purchase. I mean, its gets crazy. In the end, you might get a voucher for a few bundles. They take in to consideration if your roof was ventilated properly, installed to ARMA standards. The actual expected life of the product in your area. Did you keep the shingle free of debris and lichen. It gets crazy. I wish you luck, but at the age you are suggesting, it’s going to be tough.