Shingle exposure question

According to the specification for the shingles on my house the amount of exposed shingle should be 5-5/8". How much off is acceptable? I have some places where it is 4-1/2" and other places where it is 6". Also places where it can vary by an inch in the same row.

The shingles are OC Duration Series.

What is acceptable?


4 1/2” is, 6” is not. Send pictures for proper evaluation.

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You can post pictures using

I think I remember OC allows deviation of up to 1/8 inch for both exposure and nailing characteristics. I don’t think there is a functional issue of under exposure from waterproofing standpoint (May not look pretty, I’d imagine), but over exposure beyond 1/8" allowed deviation can increase the chance of nail corrosion and/or leaks. There is about 1/4 inch coverage of the nail by shingle above - 5-5/8 exposure and nail at 6-1/8 from butt edge. Either nail will have too small coverage by shingle above it if nailed properly or they were nailed too high and did not penetrate both laminates, either option is certainly not ideal. But to make long story short, I think 1/8 inch deviation is appropriate. Anything beyond is not approved by OC. In my experience, lining butt edge of upper shingle to where two laminates meet on shingle below produces a perfect 5-5/8 exposure. That is the only thing that was consistent on these shingles.

Damn, who did you hire? Blind as a Bat Barry or I don’t own a chalkline Charlie?


Nope, they were booked. Wavy Davy and Shakey Jake got the job!


If that is how the field of the roof was run, I would expect the detail work to be worse. I would plan on replacing your new roof in the near future.


As simply a homeowner here, I would be devastated with that on my home by someone I had just paid to do it!
Lots of technical info provided above thanks to knowledge, but it must be obvious that roof application is just VERY bad!