Shingle creases, wind?

I will post some pictures of my roof, it is 14 years old and has many creases in the middle not top edge of the shingle and some loose areas (I can use a blower and it will rise or puff up sections) the areas that are loose are near the butt joints on the tabs but not all. The roof is nailed. Note the creased shingles are almost all still sealed down

The roof ridge vents are not cut out but metal is installed (not funny but not right). Luckily I have 2- 13" gable vents or I wouldn’t have any vents! I realize this roof is at its end but I was thinking to try a wind damage claim but I’m not sure.

Who is your insurance with?

Security First Insurance! What’s strange is the cracks in the middle of the shingles. Is it possible defective shingle, most of the cracked/creased shingles are still sealed. I put more pictured on. The one with my finger if you look at the shingles around it are lightly cracked. I think possibly the wind got under them popping them up but not breaking the seals, the deck is real plywood, but possibly not retailed, the house was built in 1983


That looks like pretty typical wear & tear to me sad to say – that horizontal cracking can happen due to the shingles trying to conform to the “trough” created at the top of the second lower row when it’s hot. As the shingles age they get brittle and the granulated layer cracks when the base mat bends to the shape of this trough. Could be to do with the lack of ventialation as that exacerbates the heat.

On the plus side it’s usually not a leakage issue, the roof probably has 5+ years left on it before it really requires replacement. Any loose tabs should be resealed though.