Shingle colour GAF or Certainteed

We’re having our roof done and GAF and Certainteed are the two companies that the roofers use. I have orange brick with sage green shutters/garage and was originally thinking of Burnt Sienna or Heather Blend from certainteed or perhaps Hickory from GAF. However, I think having orange tones in the shingles may contrast with the orange in the brick. I thought maybe a putty colour might suit well. Would either of these companies have something like that? I thought maybe Mission Brown, Barkwood or maybe Canadian Driftwood from GAF. Maybe Driftwood from Certainteed. It needs to be in the warmer tones and it’s tough to tell from the small samples. Any advice would be much appreciated.


GAF will last about 17 years and CertainTeed should last 20 plus. That should override color decisions. I have no agenda, only my 35 years in the trade seeing how different shingles perform. GAF has consistently been bottom tier in those 35 years.


Thanks for the information. I very much appreciate getting an honest, unbiased opinion. I will definitely go with certainteed.

Im your huckleberry…
Agree with Tileman on life expectancy of the standard “lifetime” Certainteed and GAF.

I also hate GAF and find most of their material very disappointing.

So any way, i also have orange brick
On my own home.

The certainteed color that would match is
burnt sianna.
It will be algae stained after year 6.
Certaineed is the shingle i used almost exclusively for over 20 years.

But the shingle i put on mu home was the
GAF timberline ULTRAs in Barkwood.
It was made for this brick.
And it does look awesome.
I installed every nail myself.
I wouldnt trust any laborer, roofer to install these shingles correctly.
If you high nail these shingles,
And they will, all over the place.
It creates a crater so big you can stick your finger in it Due to the extra thickness of the shingles.

But these shingles look so good on the roof.
The shingles have there own true shadow line.
Because these shingles create a shadow.

By the way, my wife and i debated which color to replace our roof for close to 5 years.

But now Atlas is on the scene baby
And today i would have installed
Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Heather
Or Copper Canyon.
And at almost half the price
And i know my crew would install them
Correctly too.

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The roofer should use whatever shingle you wish to choose. If not, find another one. If algae is a concern, look at Atlas Pinnacle Pristine which carries an anti staining warranty due to their Scotchguard technology. You may also find a color you prefer.


Malarkey has full Scotch guard protection also.

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Thanks for the reply. I agree that the barkwood seems to be the best compliment to orange brick. I’ll have to look at Atlas, see if my roofers use them.

Does anyone know if Atlas is good for Ontario weather. Hot summers and Cold snowy winters. True four seasons here.

I don’t think atlas is available here, in Ontario.
I know of one supplier that carried them maybe 10 years ago for a while but haven’t seen them since

I do have to backtrack just a little and should be more specific with my comments. GAF limited lifetime is complete garbage. GAF Ultra and many of their premier shingles seem to be very good. Malarkey limited lifetime is very good, their premier lines not worth the money. Confusing world we live in!