Shingle colors

I am having difficulty deciding what color of shingles to use.

I know the type is more important.

At the same time I am finding that I do not care for the to me “patchy” look that the architectural shingles have on a roof.

I am accustomed to a more uniform color with smaller variations in tone.

I’d like a wind resistant long life shingle. It seems as though most of that type have a high contrasting color look that they seem proud of.

Our house is 105 years old and is a light gray in color with white trim. It has cedar shingles for siding.

I am really stuck. I suppose it is silly of me but when you are spending a lot of money you would like to be happy with the color.


The GAF/ELK Timberline has a really bland gray shingle.

As far was wind warranty it’s tough to beat a laminate shingle with tar on the bottom side.


Use a 3 tab shingle. GAF will have give you good color. Ask to see them on a house.

You can get the 3 tabs in a 30 year. That is a pretty long time.

I used them on my house.

The reason for the “patchy” look to a dimensional shingle is they are trying to add even more depth & ‘dimension’ to the shingle.

Certainly it’s your call to go with the shingle of your choice, however you might also consider what type of shingle is common for the neighborhood you are in, as this might be a potential liability when it comes time to sell the house.

You might put on a Class IV wind & impact resistant shingle, but if the perception is ‘cheaper’ than the rest of the houses in / on your street, then you might have some real estate issues to contend with.

The patchy look is a result of the manufacturers figuring out how to make shingles match across batches.

Pewter, not too patchy…

ms merlin?
have concidered a metal roof.
that would give you the uniform look,
with a solid color.

if not that than pick out a 3 tab shingle.