Shingle bumps where gutters attach

I have an old asphalt roof on my mom’s house. A few years ago (3-4) we installed new gutters. I noticed afterwards that the shingles on the edge of the roof near where the new gutters attach have noticeable bumps on them. It is especially noticeable on the front of the garage (which is attached to the house). It is a little less noticeable on the house for some reason, but the bumps are there too. We will be selling the house in the near future and I was wondering if when I call our gutter guy back to clean the gutters in a few weeks if there is anything he can possibly do to make it less noticeable? I was not planning on changing out the entire roof but I am wondering if there is anything we can do. Any suggestions? The shingles are basic, very light grey shingles.

No way to offer any good advise with out a clear pic of the issue. (We really need something saying that in bold letters when homeowners are posting questions!)

If the “bumps” line up with the spikes/hangers you need to notch the drip edge.

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Thanks very much. Is that a relatively simple task?

Yes, a little awkward at worst depending on access

If they’re already notched with tin snips you can take a 2’ 2x4 and center it over the spike, smack it with a hammer and the cuts should split further. If not the hem on the drip needs to be cut both sides of the spike so the drip edge will come down. Just take it easy til you figure it out, kink or bend it and it’ll fight back.

I 've seen this quite often, as we install quite a bit of gutters. Usually it is a highback gutter that was on there before. So after cutting it off, what’s left of the old gutter has to be pulled to get the new gutter to go under the old back of the gutter(now gutter apron). When it gets pulled and brackets screwed on top of it it will cause the bumps because there are not enough nails in the now gutter apron. Notch out the gutter apron where the brackets are. Not really the new gutter installers fault.

Thanks very much, I will share this with my gutter guy.

Thank you very much for replying