Shingle Alignment?


We are getting a new roof today with Landmark architectural. On one slope the shingle pattern doesn’t align in several places. Is this an acceptable practices? It looks awful to my husband & I and I confirmed with two neighbors that it is noticeable to them as well. We are getting an independent roof inspection, but that is a few weeks away.


Looks like it was stepped at 6" or so, acceptable practice. Can occasionally leave visual issues
Any more pics of the valley? More concerning


I see no issues. Really don’t even know what area you would be saying looks “awful”.


The laminates are not supposed to align they are designed to be random.


Here are more pictures. Can you be more specific about the valley concerns? (Or what I should be taking a photo of?) I don’t mind a random pattern, but the half a shingle in the middle of a roof looks sloppy.


Also, is this the valley? Not sure if I can get a better picture until I’m up on the roof.


Bottom of the valley is pretty sloppy
I don’t think it’ll be an issue, and it looks fine after the weave.


Not sure what you are circling, they come out of the bundle with cut tabs on the outside.


The valley looks like it is woven.


The bottom 4 courses are woven, most installers just weave 1 or 2max. The third shingle up is under a course too high.


You’re gong to get some differing opinions. This roof looks fine to me. Looks like they snapped lines, the rows appear straight and the exposures reasonably consistent. Sad as this may sound, these days, that separates them out from a bunch of the hacks out there.

You’re looking at it with a very critical eye because it is brand new and you’re studying it. I don’t see anything cosmetic that anyone will take notice of. May not be an A++ install but it appears to be well better than average to even very good. Can’t be more specific than that without seeing a lot more photos.


If you looked long enough at any roof you could find the exact same thing you just circled.


As far as the shingle pattern in the field that you are circling, he did everything perfect.
You are seeing thngs that look like he installed tiny shingles. He did not.
That is the way the shingle is designed.