Shed roof question, is this done right?

I recently had a shed built (which I plan to use as a home office). To me, the roof doesn’t appear to have been done properly, because the plywood used for the roof is adjacent to the trim (with a seam on the top, just under the shingles) rather than the trim going under the plywood. See photo. This is different from what the web designer app shows for the roof. The company is offering to have a builder come out tomorrow to attach a drip edge. Will that solve the problem, or should I raise the issue more? As I plan to be making this into a home office, I can’t risk moisture getting in (living close to Seattle, we WILL have moisture).

The shed design app the company provides shows this edge of the shed to look like this (Red text was my commentary to shed company)

It’s not like the drawing but I dont have a problem with it. I’m more shocked it doesn’t have drip edge. I’m not a northern roofer, but if you have snow, the underlayment might be Ice and watershield. The drip needs to be under the watershield.


Agree with rooferama. Plywood should never extend beyond sheathing. We frequently cut off rotten plywood that someone has run past gable or eave.

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