Sharing a video

Big fan of this YouTube Chanel. Wanted to help out the little guy get his msg out there. I realize most of the members here hate gaf. They are not my brand of choice, but I don’t have near as many issues with the products I get as the rest of you apparently. But definitely wrong how he is getting pushed around.

P.s. this isn’t spam. I have no interest in promoting anything. Let’s see how long this stays up before it gets flagged again… :rofl:


God bless that roofer.
This is the appropriate spot for such a video.
I did learn something.
GAF shouldnt be able to sue a roofer just because he gave his opinion.
That is so dirty and low.
All because a roofer wanted to sign up for some magical warranty program and unknowingly signed a disclosure to never discuss his opinions about the product hes installing.
Shame on GAF.

This guy was totally fair in his assessment.
After all the hell they give him,
He still admits the new HDZ is an improvement that will probably work.
I agree.
They improved the ability for the roofer to strike correctly on the fastener area.

Dimitry puts out very good content. This was no exception.