Shady Roofers

i Am sick of roofers ripping off customers i recently did a job where i charged my customer 350 which is are minimum for a tiny TPO patch all the other companies were charging almost 2000 just cause it was a large corporation does not mean try and rip them off honesty is the key it will help your company grow more then u think

Well unless you made 100% profit and got a kick back you lost money. 350 dollar does not cover anything at all.

I will make it easy to understand:

Insurance (wc/liab)
truck payment
hourly wages
lets not forget profit that you need to put in the bank

You lost atleast 1000 dollars on that one. If not more. If you do not raise your prices you WILL be out of business since you are not making any money. I am not trying to start anything i am just pointing out that if you dont make money you are done for. 350 that covers 3 shingles that are blown off nothing more. Surely not a tpo repair.

I would not put down other roofers in your area either. That is not professional at all. There is not shady about making money

lets not forget commercial roofing makes comp. rates go up 18% and the liability costs more.

I’ll bet if he charged $2000 for the same repair of a little old lasy’s house, you would all be linching him right now.

BTW, today, I charged $1750.00 to cut in 3 - 4"X12" soffit vents where I could reach it from the lower roof?!?! It took me 25 minutes.

I sold the poop out of that one !!

I’m taking the rest of the week off!!

The ninth circle of hell was set aside for people who masturbate to comic books and shady roofers.


Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, define “comic books” please.

How come you charged so much?

Because he is a salesman and he can. If you can not sell then what are you doing ???

Altough that seems excessively high on the face value, the benefits derived from the proper balanced ventilation being provided for has ow increased the longetivity of the entire roof system, so the ROI is priceless.

My question to anyone who defames higher prices, is Why? Don’t you think you are worth it for providing solutions that no one else has?


What’s that olde saying? “Take what you can and give nothing back!”


Our base rerpair price is right in line with Gtape. That is to go out, search for and locate needed repairs, make estimates, prepare paperwork, locate and acquire materials, return to location for sales meeting, pay salesman (who, btw, MUST be well-versed in the extreme circumstances of all roofing situations, which means a lifetime of roofing, which means a hearty salary commensurate with his knowledge), return to jobsite (IF uninsured jacklegs that dont work for anything past beer for the night don’t undercut you and do it for less than actual cost), pay qualified workmen to make said repairs, unload roof, return to shop, unload trucks, etc.

As is always the case with these 350 repair types, they do not know the true cost of a roofing business.

On an 1800.00 repair I might walk away with two hundred dollars and have to warrant it for a year. That aint a lot of money.

to mbf000,

man, do you like to work for free??? i don’t think so.

Besides, if you were a full time TPO/other flat roofing guy, you’d know the real cost of such repairs. My Varimat cost me $7000, plus the chord, plus the generator, plus the hand welders = over $10000 for 1 crew, just in welding tools! I cant afford to do $350 repairs.

And stop advertising here. It is not efficient any way, and trust me, every roofer here is “The Best”, not only you and I.
Imagine if we all start creating these non-sense ad-threads…

I am certainly not the best at many things, but I do have my good qualities.

If nothing else, the general public will know that he knows diddly about the cost of running a roofing business.


The company that I work for charges $285 just to show up. We usually have 2-two man crews doing repairs all year long.


$285 to show up, but how much is added to actually inspect, propose, sell, perform, and warrant the job?

Is this a roofing company or a construction or other type non-roofing company? Just wondering.


I do work for a roofing company. They have been in business since the early 1960’s.
Most repairs average 1 1/2 hours start to finish but it depends what you run into. I am not sure of the warranty time but I know we give one.
We charge $75 a man hour plus materials.