Service mast

is it ok to work around your service mast and wires without getting shocked

Dangerous? Yes. Can it be done safely? Yes. Just have to be careful and be sure to check the wires for bare spots.

In my area the power company will put an orange protective wrap around the wires if you call. Sometimes they come right away, sometimes its a battle to get them to come out.

thanks for the answer my mast got ripped off the side of the house in an ice storm a couple of days ago and the power company secured it back to the house with the eye bolt, the eye bolt was pulled out, so i plan on adding a second eye bolt to help with support do you think i have to worry about the steel cable that i am going to hook onto?

Is it “OK” to work around it without getting shocked? Well, I’d think it’s more than OK… it’s adviseable.

As to the eye bolt situation, are you sure it was a mast & not connected to the fascia? A photo would be nice.

You probably need the combined services of both a roofer & a licensed electrician…

Where are you located?

getting some one out here after an ice storm to look at this is a joke and everyone i’ve called is just to busy and i need this secured before the next ice storm which is in about a day or so…getting a contractor quickly to help me yeah i’ll start holding my breath now… i need to swap the eye bolt out my self… what is an electrician going to do that i can’t… i can put in an eye bolt just wanted to no how to do it safely be fore the damn thing ends up in my drive way again…

The question is, what are you going to fasten TO the eye bolt?

Hopefully you can get an emergency run out there by an electrician. Me, I wouldn’t get anywhere near live voltage. We always take time to discuss any work that has to happen around a power mast.

You can untwist the steel cable. Slide it into new eye bolt. Re-twist the cable. Pretty easy, just need someone to hold the tension on the line. Just make sure to re-twist in in the same manner/place as is was.

If the wiring still is loose, then if you were to contact the power company and tell them that it is a hazard to people, especially any children, they would respond immediately.

They should be responsible for the proper and safe securement of their power line feed.