Sell the Job? Thoughts?


Would you recommend this book/program to anyone new to roofing sales?

If not, is there another training program you’d recommend?
Obviously the BEST training is received in the field. But for introduction purposes, what do you think?


Isn’t that Joe Radcliff’s book? If so, it is good. Storm Venture Group has Storm University which is a video library from start to finish for insurance roofing. Watch the videos on line. Pricey but if you’re really interested in being a pro in this industry, worth it.


Thanks! That’s very helpful. I did get Joe’s book. It’s ok. I feel like it’s a little lacking in the organization department, and other departments as well…lol.

Roof Sales Mastery looks good.

SVG looks very good. And it does look pricey.

We do want to be absolute pros. And relevant pros at that! I wish I had an insurance restoration master wizard guy in a bottle that I could summon at any given time to ask all of my annoying little questions. Such is life.


How to sell roofing??? That is a two part question.

  1. How to sell (Zig Ziglar. Secrets of Closing the Sale), $9.99 on Amazon. Have a pencil, note pad and highlighter before you open the book. Read it 3 times makes notes on a pad and highlight good info. Don’t highlight every page from top to bottom.

  2. Roofing experience. Go to your Supplier and ask them where to go locally to receive quality training or request a Manufacturing rep to help you. I use ABC Supply Co.

It’s very easy to waste money on gimmicks that promise to be a cure all. Believe me I made all those mistakes. Due Diligence you are a business owner now.


I can sell. I’ve spent my whole life in sales.

I am currently working on my own training program. It is taking FOREVER. But after ordering Sell the Job, and looking into a few other books, I can see what you mean by gimmicks.

What is most appealing about SVG and RSM, are their programs focused towards business owners. Things like supplementing, and so on. Tips and tricks for salespeople that we were never taught. I’d spend 10k and only need half of the information in what’s provided.


SVG University for 1 person Is $2,388 for a year. That’s all their materials available to view online for one user.


Link? When I was browsing their site earlier I didn’t see any plan like that.


Do you have a pitch book? 50-100 pages including your current insurance?
I was not trying to question your sales ability. Do me a favor get on
amazon rent “Tin Men” Then email me after you have watched it. I will
give you my cell number. If you are interested Call me. I am a Tin Man.
I was trained by one of the men the show was based on. Again if you
interested Call me. Im in North Carolina, we may be interested in
investing in your new company.


We use a pitch book. Very handy but not necessary to have 50 to 100 pages in my opinion. We’ll be converting the pitch book to iPad soon. However, I still think having the physical pitch book is of great value. When you knock on the door and you can see you’re losing the Customer’s attention, you open the pitch book up to keep their interest. If you get on the roof for an inspection, you let them look through the pitch book. And yes, one of the first if not the first page should be your insurance cert.


It is there. I believe it is the second header from the left.


We always sit at the customers KITCHEN table for the presentation and estimate. That way we have the husband and wife together for the close. One salesman has two pitch books maybe 200-250 pages between them. I don’t think you could have a proper pitch book in my opinion under 100 pages for three products. Each product has pictures showing the complete process. Example. Shingle Roofing. Show multiple layers we teara them all off, show damaged decking, chimney flashing, starter shingles, ice rain shield, examples of high nailing, proper FHA ventilation with exhausts and returns, magnets to clean up and a finished roof, Then you have before and after pictures. Over the years I have had the opportunity to rub elbows with some very good salesman. I have collected several pitch books for other businesses as well as roofing, siding and windows. Its amazing what a 60-70 year old salesman has collected for knowledge over the years.


Xterior & AD - No pitch book. I do believe having physical sales tools and value propositions are super important. A pitch book is great, and I’ll need to get one going. I am one person with an unbelievable obsessive HUGE dream, so it takes me time, but I keep chipping away at things 12 hours a day.

Xterior - As if I haven’t already seen Tin Men. :smirk:


Roof Sales Mastery. Seems legit. Haven’t actually bought it but the free YouTube videos are on point. Key in selling anything is (overcoming objections). If you can think of every objection that could possibly come out of their mouth, and have an answer pre determined then you got it made. :wink:


SVG University just added several videos for dealing with objections. I don’t agree it is the key but it is important. I happen to think it is more important to understand how to ask probing questions. The vast majority of roof buyers have a passive need. That’s particularly true for insurance work in an area where there aren’t frequent storms. By asking appropriate questions, you can begin to turn that passive need into an active need. Active needs are people that have a leak, people that see shingles blowing off, people that know they just got hit with huge hail, etc… Unfortunately, in most cases, 95% to 98% of the people you approach are in the passive category. The good news with people with an active need is they’re ready to buy from someone. That bad news is, they’re probably getting multiple bids.

I would highly recommend you read Question Based Selling by Thomas A Freese, and SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need). For more hustle, hard core d2d selling, read Grant Cardone Sell or be Sold. For old school, Zig Ziglar Selling 101.


I talked to the SVG guys today. I like it a lot. And I know I need a lot of it. It’s coming off the money that’s hard. I suppose I’m going to do it though. I don’t know the first thing about supplementing.

Where are you out of?


I’m out of Indiana. We also have offices in Birmingham, Raleigh and Charlotte.


Awesome. Georgia here. But we’ll be everywhere one day. :sunglasses:


I subcontracted Durolast from Sentry Roofing out of Indiana, Gene was the owner kept me busy for awhile.


If you ever need a hand with BUR, Hot or TPO or anything flat hit me up. I have my own crew and kettle, believe it or not HOT roofs are still a great roofing system in Florida and Texas.


@RoofLife I work with Storm Ventures group. Are you on the platform? If you need help getting on reach out to me. I can make something happen. Send me an email anytime