SELL colored steel roof tile

1.Light Material & Superior Durability. Its weight is one in ten of the glazed tile . Yet it can endure much more weight than the later. It does not deform even when adults stand on it.It can be used for the new home decoration,without removing the exsiting old roof tiles.
2.Lifespan Is as Long as 30 Years. Anti-corrosion and anti-septic zinc coating ensures its excellent lifespan.
3.Excellent Waterproof. It is seamless, making it 100% waterproof.
4.Cost-effective. It is easy to install so that it can decrease the construction toughness and increase construction effectiveness.
5.Acquisition of National Patent. Currently, Chun-Bo has acquired the patent right of P.R.C. Intellectual Property Right Bureau in practical application and new design.
6.Varoius Colores. We can make any color for you. Paint will not crack, peel or fade. It does not need repainting.
7.Resistance to Strong Wind.
8.Traditional and Aesthetic Beauty.
9.Technical Info
Thickness is 0.476MM
Actual Width is 960MM
Effective Width 855MM
Length: According to customers requirement
Weight per Unit of Steel tile is 5Kg/M2
Zinc Coating Thickness:Upper Thickness: 30μm, Lower Thickness: 5μm
Weight per Unit of Zinc Coating:120g/ M2

I will put a blue tarp on a roof before I install anything that comes from China.

most blue tarps come from china :smiley:

You may be right. They may last 1 year or less like every thing else that comes from there. China is the land of temporary goods. Very temporary.