Self Flashed Skylights - Are they any good?


There is a lot of negativity regarding self flashed skylights yet some roofers do not have any problems with them. My question is are self-flashed velux skylights really no good, or are they typically just not installed correctly which is why they leak? Also if they are that prone to leaks, why are they still sold?


They are relatively new and unproven.

The way that they are designed does not allow for wrapping the skylight with Ice & water shield, or felt.
In some installations I am certain this will be a problem.

IMO I don’t see any reason to change Velux’s current flashing system, it is very good and user friendly.
I have never had one leak.

I have installed about a dozen of these self flashed Velux’s, no problems yet.
They were all in steep roofs well away from the eaves.
I set them in neoprene, they ain’t coming out…

They should be fine for a climate that doesn’t have a freeze/thaw cycle to deal with.


So, what skylight would you recommend for midwest situation (lots of snow / ice) at 7/12 pitch with 4 feet wide skylight ?


A standard Velux fixed skylight with the flashing kit that goes with it.
The flashing kit is separate.

4 feet wide?
That is pretty big.
We had to have 3 skylights custom made last year, they were something like 34" x 78".
They cost $1,300 each…
I think they were made by Sun-tek, Velux couldn’t/wouldn’t make them for us.

Let’s just hope they have a stock skylight that will fit your opening, they probably do.



It is installation error if they leak. There are self-flashing skylights that are trouble. Velux are good.

We use the self-flashing for a custom size. We use the regular skylight if the standard size fits.


Thanks for the input. I had purchased a self flashed deck mounted velux QFS-156 skylight. My roof pitch is a 4:12 and i live in New Jersey. I am having a new roof (with tear off) put on shortly with the sky light. Should i consider not using this sky light or as long as its installed right it shouldn’t be a problem?


more important than self flashing
why fixed?


I read through the Velux site and noted the fixed skylights work for pitches from 15 Degrees up. That why i choose a fixed. If its not the right application than you could say i did not know any better. i purchased the skylight prior to having a contract for my roof. My roofer did not recommend the self flashed skylight, but said he would install it.


I only can add that venting have
numerous advantages, and for the
size your suggesting
price is not a real consideration.
You can always return it…
imagine fresh air cool summer breezes,
immediate odor removal, etc.


I called Velux a few months ago… They do not recommend the self-flashed skylights in this climate but are willing to sell one to anyone.


We have installed them here for at least the last 5 years and maybe longer back than that and I have never had one leak. IMO you would have to really
screw something up to get them to leak. I’m located
next to the rockies with an elevation of 6,000 ft.
so we get some pretty harsh weather here too.


the 3/12 slope and lesser is the better skylight.
it is slolid welded aluminum construction.
i dont like the 3/12 or greater skylights.
cheaper lookin. thin flimsy flashing metal.
rubber side flashings. just not as good.