Selecting a shingle color from contractor

Just curious if most customers choose a shingle based on the manufacture’s color guide (small ~2" samples)? Seeing the selected shingle on a previously installed roof would be ideal but is it too much to ask to see a sample shingle or 2 on the roof before committing or are those “difficult” customers? I also find online pics not ideal.

Best bet is to see it on a house. Or drive around your neighbourhood and find a colour you like.


I agree that is ideal but was wondering if most people just pick a color from the sample book especially for a re-roof when they are staying with the same color.

We used to get 2’X2’ sample boards. I’d try to find a complete roof in that color for the homeowner to look at. A little square just doesn’t give you the full impact.

Post a picture of your home. I’d be happy to direct you with some good color options.

Not a good idea. Let the female choose the color, she’s always right because men generally don’t care unless it leaks. Had an elderly lady with a green house that chose pepto-pink shingles. I had her kids intervene…


Don’t worry, I’ve got a good eye for color ;). I’ve only been doing this for 30 years and sold 1000’s of jobs. I can bare minimum parse down some good options.

You’ve got ore testicular fortitude than I do when it comes to deciding for someone else. Customer gave me a nursing home that had the same color they wanted. Knew the contractor that did the install. Finished the job and got “That isn’t even close!”

I agree my wife picks the colors and I do the work on the projects (in this case I am not doing the roof lol)

I was able to show her 2 roofs (looking for dark brown with little variation) the certainTeed landmark pro in Shenandoah and GAF ultra in barkwood…I want the landmarks (for obvious reasons) but she likes the barkwood better…says with the variation in color of our light brick astetically the more consistent brown of the barkwood looks better…this should be interesting.

Gaf Barkwood is equivalent to Landmark Heather Blend just so you know.

Thanks for that info, very helpful. After calling customer support at CertainTeed they told me the only true dark brown with the least amount of variation was the Shenandoah. I need to go check out the heather blend!

Your next statement should be “WOW, Honey! you have an awesome eye for color.” I ALWAYS wrote a contract with the wife on home projects. Change order negotiations were always interesting!

Is it too much to expect at least seeing a shingle sample board (or offering to see one) on a specific brand shingle that a contractor prefers and markets at a very minimum?

I have heard others I know getting addresses of previously installed roofs with specific colors, pics, sample boards etc. I guess it is the customer’s job to take the time and do the research and legwork (which I have no issues with and have done) but is is time consuming and not efficient. I find it strange in a sales driven business.

I went out and bought 4 different bundles in different colors and manufacturers. Placed them on different corners of my roof to see how they looked. If I’m going to have to see it on a daily basis for 15+ years, I’m willing to spend a few hundred to make sure I like it.

$100 is a drop in the bucket when you’re spending $15k + on a new roof.

Go for a ride, find a house with similar color as yours that you like the shingles on.


It is a drop in the bucket but a very difficult way to select colors. It seems logical but putting shingle samples up against other colors on the roof makes it more confusing sometimes and doesn’t work well, in my experience, and I have done it many times.

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I based my decision on the small roofer samples. Then when I drove around to some of their previous projects I changed my color choice, and let the sales guy know. He was a 1099 sales guy I believe, and neglected to let the roofer know of the change. And then I neglected to actually check as they started putting the shingles on. Once I checked, they had a good amount done already in the original color I had selected from the samples. In the end, I’m actually happier having that color now - it has worked well. But a few good lessons learned on it for me.