Seeking advice: Correcting water dam issue

[quote=“BAMBAMM5144”]I am sure he means that he believes you will become a big headache and problem to whatever roofer you decide to have do your house.

Hopefully all my rambling helped something.[/quote]

Thanks very much. Your insight is quite helpful. As for someone jumping to the conclusion that I’ll be a headache…well, they obviously don’t know me. I have simply wanted to educate myself so that I can recognize if something is fishy. Unfortunately some bad contractors have harmed the credibility of the industry, so I’m doing simple due diligence. This forum has helped tremendously on that front, so thanks for everyone that has contributed. I won’t be selecting on price, I’ll be selecting on who demonstrates professionalism and has a track record of satisfied customers.

R D …Don’t listen to those who think that an educated consumer is a pain…They are the ones that want to tear of shingles, and put on the new ones right over old paper…,lol… I love an educated customer… It makes the decision to work with me easier…and also justifies a price of a top quality job…Let your roofer know what you expect, and if he can’t provide that,(rolls his eyes when you talk) then find one who can! My best customers knew exactly what they wanted, and I provided it! That also goes for a spotless clean up! I lay out tarps around the house,wether or not If I can throw the debris right into my Dump truck. Other see this and realize that I care about their property. That is a HUGE statement! So many people judge a contractor purely on appearance of the jobsite…If possible go to a prospective roofers job while they are working, and observe how they operate. This gives you an idea of how your job will go…Good Luck!

I forgot to mantion…I & W is required to cover the ply…2’ beyond the inside of the exteriior wall,because this is where the expected heat loss will occure. It makes more sence to put 6’, when you figure a 5/12 roof w/a 12" overhang requires 44" to achieve code required coverage…

ignore rooflover

hope this helps… … 87b3d7bcbe

There is nothing wrong with an educated customer. I actually happen to find them easier to deal with because they understand what is being done and why it is happening. I always try to educate the person as much as they want to be.

Jwoolf is right with what he said. I entirely agree. If you can find where they are and where they have been and take a look at the job, that is the best way to find out if you want those same people on your house, no matter what the price is.