Seattle Roofing Company - Office Manager (New to Industry)

Hi all,

I just found this website while doing some research on the roofing industry. I have been working for this company for about 4 months now. I am pretty much in charge of everything that has to do with the offce.

I recently purchased a computer program to keep track of estimates, customers, bidding, schedule… etc (everything to do with a roofing company) I purchased a program called ServiceCEO and i’ve been able to network it completely in the office and have laptops in the field be able to access it via VPN.

The only problem is that it seems like this program, outlook, QB, and our Time clock system are not going to be able to work together well. It is possible but no easy.

I was wondering if there was anybody out there that would be able to offer me some suggestions as far as an all in one software system that would track everything.

I understand if you are a competitor that you would not wish to share your information. If you are not a competitor please let me know what kind of software system you use for everything including the roofing aspect and the office aspect.


Evan Olson

hello even,
must be nice to have rain everyday.
i dont thinkt the site is worryin much bout software rite now.