Seals around vents

Should there have been sealer put around the bottom area of this vent? Also should the shingles be raising? I Just had this roof put on the first week of July.

Most likely they reused the existing flashing,and it needs a few more nails so the shingles lay flat.

If I have to reuse vent flashings I reseal them before laying shingles over them.
Have you called your roofer? This is a minor issue and any decent roofer would rectify it for you.

Mobile home vent hood stack. It might have water shield around it. I see 100’s of these a year. Most have a clip of staples fired through the base flashing. I normally cut the top off the vent and place a new star vent right over the top. Reason why is taking the base loose, doesn’t give you enough room to connect the vent pipe. It’s a crazy thing. I think they might just need to fasten it with screws. They are normally buried in a bed of asphalt also, which causes new shingles not to lay flat.


Please educate me. What is a ‘star vent’?

The roofer was ignorant of the correct technique to re-use this vent.

After he cleaned the old roofing off of it,
He should have braked the bottom flashing toward the roof.
So it sits tight and flat on the roof without even putting the nails in it.
Ignorant roofers will just nail gun it flat.

That’s part of my problem. I had some other issues with him and he isn’t returning my phone calls. I’m a little worried that this will eventually leak.

Not sure if it’s camera angle, but the deck around that vent looks hinkey, might want to walk the roof and see if it’s soft. Agree the flashing should have been flattened before roofing around it…

Didn’t think about that, but I believe that I will do that this afternoon. If it soft does that mean that its already leaked water underneath?

Probably before the roof was replaced. Check below the plumbing vents, too. I ALWAYS walk a roof before bidding, and keep a couple sheets of plywood on the job just to be safe.