Scope of work training courses


I have about 3 years roofing sales experience under my belt but have never learned scope of work while i was with that company. I was strictly sales. I just started my own roofing company and everything I’ve done to this point was to legally get the business started. I’m wanting to do it the right way instead of just jumping into it. My question is i’m looking for some training courses dealing with estimating and scope of work. Needing recommendations from someone in this field of work that’s why i’m on here. Please keep the negative comments to yourself we all have to start somewhere. thanks in advance!


Use the manufacturers guidelines for installation as a pseudo-template for your written scope of work. Also we use acculynx, It lets you import XML Eagleview measurements and auto populates estimates. It has real time pricing and can be used to send out work orders material orders schedule deliveries and set appointments. It’s a crm specifically for roofing companies. It will also let you put in your own profit margin’s and adjust them and allows you to create e-documents and send them to customers for electronic signature.


If it takes you time, it gets a line.
Look for project management methods for creating a statement of work and breaking down your tasks and resources. What type of market are you going for?



Are you looking to mainly do insurance restoration along with some retail? Or do you think the majority of your business will be retail?


This post was actually a few months back when i was getting started. All of my work is insurance work right now. With me subbing my work out it doesn’t give me the best prices for bids compared to companies with in house crews. I try not to waste my time with bidding wars but will put in a bid if its a customer who wants a cash bid instead of going the insurance route. I always educate my customers about the insurance process and how recoverable depreciation works and that its always in their best interests for me to work with their insurance and file supplementals on items not paid for, by doing that i can help them out more.