Anyone out there can help on how to sale? I do ok I would think. I sold 23 jobs out of 49 jobs this year. I would like help on how to get more leads also.

Thank you

50% is a pretty good closing rate

Some people will say that if you close at near 50% then you should take a real hard look at your actual overhead and profit numbers.

You must also unclude your own time and labor as if you were paying an employee with work com and any other bennefits, to be accurate.

Go door to door and introduce your company and services in the neighborhoods you have signed jobs. Ask if they would like a roofing evaluation. Drop off flyers. Drive around and look for roofs at their end of their days and write down those addresses and send them a flyer. If you have a criss-cross reverse address to phone number directory, then you can even make a cold cal to them on the phone. Keep sending out flyers to you targeted narket potential on a regular basis.

Add the cost of the additional marketing efforts into your total overhead and then also raise your prices to compensate and grow.


50% at what profit margin is my question. If i lowered my prices i would sell in the 75% but i wont. The guy i am going to probably leave this week is selling at 1999 prices you know 275 a square on walkables and i dont have problems selling at that price i have problems with several other things. Too many things to mention lets just say that. Other than that if you want to contact me email and and i will give you a hand.

Thank you all!

GTP you have mail. Thank you for takeing the time to help me.

gtp1003 275 a square on walkables is that ripping a layer or two.

Pricing around here is around 175 a square for most of the bids i run across. WHen im 100 more a square than everyone else it well becomes very fun. I will respond to email when people leave my house.

How many crews do you have? 50% is a good rate but like others would like to know how cheap you are selling those at.

I see in another thread you are getting $180 a square and your competition is bidding $125-150 per square. Guess that answers that question!

My closing rate is close to 50% but I charge $300-450 per square on average for one layer tear offs. On steep one layer rips the price is closer to $500 per square. 95% of the leads are from referral. I meet about 2/3 the home owners I give bids to. If it’s a friend or something I may go as low as $250 but it would have to be a one layer walker.

I’m very low pressure and see only a few signatures in front of me per year. My wife gets me a ton of work. She manages a steak house, lot’s of high end cliental. Just the other day three people called the restaurant looking for my number.

Speaking of 1999, my new construction prices haven’t changed since that year. Back then they were as high as possible then average than a tad low and now with the slump in building very high again. My builders know quality have been around for ever and pay accordingly.

I just joined this site, and I’m going to do whatever to learn the business the right way…if there is such a way. I even quit my father’s business in insurance and joined a roofer as a laborer to learn the trade. I’m a hands-on guys and got burnt out on the desk job. I had a friend who was in roofing sales and blew me away on commissions. Like all sales, we have more/less the same overhead. I once worked in the flooring trade, but have been turned on towards the roofing industry. If anybody has any suggestions, then that would be greatly appreciated.


Oh…yes, I plan to get into sales, but have no experience in estimation and what not. Roofers around my area want experience or just be a laborer.

I have a few pallets of granules and want to get rid of them, where can I sell? I dont mind smaller quantities or selling in pieces. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, if really interested email me at

If you have never estimated a roof before, you will have problems measuring the roof. Also it is not like selling insurance or flooring. It is a totally different animal. If you have just been a laborer its a hard way to go. There is really nothing i can send you that will teach you what you need to know. There is just too much to know when selling roofing without ever doing it.

My best advice is to learn the trade and sell on honesty and experiance.

My first three years experiance with roofs was as a laborer. The next seven years was as an installer, selling around 10 tear offs pear year.

The past 2.5 years have been selling a lot but also getting my hands dirty on every job. The home owners really like the idea of an owner operator.

So far this year have been selling like crazy. Want to say that out of the last 20 roofs I have been to I have sold at least 15. It helps when all but 1 or 2 were from a referral. It also helps when all are approved by the insurance company.

So far the last 10 roofs have been approved by insurance and now with this massive hail storm on the 25’th that number could double or even triple in less than a month. New leads are comming in daily.

Reputable roofing contractors seem hard to come by these days.

Doug i talked to the guy on the phone i think. You are right about learn the trade.

I wish i had the shooting the fish in the barrel thing going right now.

[quote=“gtp1003”]Doug i talked to the guy on the phone i think. You are right about learn the trade.

I wish i had the shooting the fish in the barrel thing going right now.[/quote]

It really helps to know exactly what you are selling and how to install it.

You won’t believe this but again today big areas of MN have been hit with damaging hail. Two hail storms in some areas in less than a week. One city didn’t get his today with damaging hail but they got hit three seperate times this past Sunday!

Here’s a link to some pics from the other day. Going to go back to the Lino Lakes area to look at three more and another house that got hit with base ball size hail, will snap some pics. … H?start=36

Good pictures Doug.

Its amazing that you guys get so much devastating hail there so frequently.

The things that people are getting paid for around here, you need a magnifying glass to see it.


Some of that hail damage was pretty bad, how big was the hail and how long did it last?

In my area,prices range from lowballers at 150 per to 350 per , 1 layer walker any height. I was selling 4 out of 5 last year, knocking on doors for 200-250. I get 250- 350 for referals, but this year I am selling 1 out of 5. People just don’t seem to have the coin to make the investment. I just went to 1 this morning, 14 sq walker 30 yrs old 3 tabber, no vent…at all, solid soffit, I asumed all new sheets. I hit em 5000 to off it all, sheet shingle rip out solid soffit and install vented vinyl, and aluminum fascia, and add ridge vent. They had 2000 to spend…I offered to finance the balance,for 10 monthly paments, and he said he had to think about it…what’s to think about, how long you can take the drywall hanging off the ceiling,lol The hardest part is trying to explain the 50% increase in material costs since last year.

This is a different year. Alot of companies have lowered prices, i have no idea how they have but they have. Your not the only one with their closing numbers.