Sales questions revisted

I have been getting emails from an old posting that had questions for sales help. These questions i need answered if you want help. They will let me know what level you are at so i can help accordingly. Please enclose these questions with answers so i can see what areas of help you need. If you have never done any type of sales please still fill out the questions. WIthout the answers i will not help or call. I had 3 this week that never responded when i asked for the questions. SO i am reposting the questions with a few more so i can get a better idea where you are at in your sales career. Thank you for your time. Remeber this is my time also so please email the answers to me, DO NOT repost them here. \

Have you measured a roof before?

DO you know anything about roofing and if so what do you know?

What do you wear on estimates?

Do you park in the driveway?

Do you take your shoes off before entering the home?

Do you have a folder with all your info in there?

WHat type of information do you have in there?

Do you have any budget for ads?

What is the first thing out of your mouth when you answer the phone?

Do you have a good reference list?

Does it include work you only sold?

Do you shave for the estimate?

Do you own a laptop?

Do you own a digital camera?

Do you know what a close is? Do you know how to use them and at what time?

Do you get your own leads?

If not do they make the appointment for you or do you set the time and talk to the client?

If you talk to them do you pre-qualify the customer to find out his or her needs and wants?

How do you talk to the customer?

Do you have a pitch book made with every answer in black and white?

Do you have cards?

How do you ask for the sale?

Are you willing to spend the time and money to make yourself successful?

Are you willing to talk to yourself in the mirror or another person practicing the close and pitch?

Do you call back the customer a few days later to see if they have any questions or concerns you may be able to answer? This is after the estimate.

Are you the first guy in the door?

These questions are important for me to see where it is you are at. I have alot more questions but i dont want to overload you in the first email. Please leave me your phone number so i can contact you over the weekend. If you do not get a call that week please email me again since i do have a busy week. Thank yuo for looking and have a great day!

Well i dont know what to say here. I have had about a dozen emails about this and now everyone has stopped. Oh well I tried once again.

How about this one?

Do you have the desire to put in the work to learn more about selling?

Will you set some time to achieve this goal?

Do you think that all of the answers should be something that you can just ask for and receive without any effort?

How many times do you ask for the sale?

Do you know what a “Trial Close” is?

Theres more, but lets see if anyone is interested.


Ed i still got one guy that sent me an email without any questions. Maybe be i am not speaking english?

Those are good questions. i did not want to overload.

Bump, getting some emails figured i would bump this to the first page. Good luck everyone and happy sales!