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I think you’re looking at it incorrectly. We won’t proceed with a job until it has been reviewed and meets a minimum profit level. Why would you ever build a job that’s unprofitable? So it varies job to job. That level is different for a ranch walker vs a 2 story 12 pitch. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to look at a job to see if it is in the right range, or not. So our Sales Reps are paid for any job we build. We supplement 95% plus of our jobs (insurance work), aren’t you doing the same?

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You’re all over the place. Are you running your company or are your competitors running your company? You’ll never know what they’re doing because if they are giving jobs away, it’s clear they don’t know what they’re doing. Sounds like your bigger problem is your Sales Reps don’t know how to sell value and are just quoting jobs hoping some of them stick.

Why would you lose insurance jobs to someone else? If you’re bidding insurance jobs after they’ve been approved, of course you’re losing. Why don’t you focus your Sales Reps on signing people up before they’ve filed the claim? I won’t bid an insurance job. Why would I? I tell Customers the way we work, that we don’t pay deductibles because we refuse to compromise quality because our Customers deserve a great roof that won’t leak and will last them 30 years.

I also tell them if I bid an insurance job with Xactimate that I’ll be higher than the insurance 99% of the time so what is the purpose? Wouldn’t it be better for the HO to work with a company they can trust to install a high quality, no compromise roof and work with a company that knows how to work with the insurance companies. I end by saying our quote for insurance jobs is always the same … the cost to the HO is their deductible plus upgrades.

I think you may be looking in the wrong places to solve your issues.


@Authentic_Dad new to the forum but your content is right on the money. Thanks for your comments and posts, very good stuff. Curious what part of the country you are in?

I own Authentic Restoration and have permanent offices in Noblesville, IN, Birmingham, AL and Raleigh, NC.