Safest Ice Melt for my Roof?

I have a very small leak in my three-season room roof where the three-season room meets our house roof. We have owned the house since June 2020 and have never experienced any leaking issues. We recently had a storm that brought 30 inches of snow with a rapid thaw two days later. This brought on a slow dripping leak.

We asked the opinion of a roofing professional and he said the outside of the roof was constructed improperly, but we would probably never have this problem again so as long as we don’t have this much snow fall. He recommended calcium chloride before storms and roof raking if unable to put the calcium chloride on the roof.

After some online research, it looks like calcium chloride isn’t the best option as it can corrode metal and roofing nails. Is there anything safer that I can put on my roof to prevent ice and snow from building up? I rather not degrade my roof if there is a safer option I can purchase. Any help is appreciated.


pay local roofers to push snow off the roof ?

Heat tape will solve the problem until you can get the transition repaired. 30" of slush has the same effect as 30" of water.