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Curling shingles. Can they be from wind. we had a wind storm here (upstate NY) last week and my builder is trying to tell me that it was probly from the wind. Now a few facts. I have posted some question here regarding poor attic ventilation that they corrected this past summer 2007. I built my house in sept. 2004. so for 4 years we have had no ventilation in our attic. We had mold growth and water was dripping inside all over the attic. Ryan homes is saying that the wind storm caused the curling of the shingles. My house faces East the wind comes from the east. The curling is happening all over the roof. Front, back, sides. The curl of the shingle is upwards. How do I tell if the curling is from the ventilation issue. what do I look for on the shingle.Also there are humps under the shingles, I was told that it was nothing to be concerned about from Ryan Homes. Also does the wind causing curling of shingles? Thank you for any answers that you give. Thank you for your prior help to my other posts.

Ryan homes in Rochester NY is notorious for building garbage. I know first hand about the roofing subs they hire. Hack Jacklegs.Check with a lawyer and a mold remediation firm about the mold. It can be very dangerous and even deadly. Courts in New York State have recently began awarding judgements against builders for mold growth from improper ventilation. I have seen mold growth in homes less than 9 months old. Where in upstate are you located. My firm may be able to help you out.

We are located in Rochester NY.

Wind will NOT cause curling shingles. Ever.

This guy has some balls…
Does he actually say this with a strait face, looking you in the eye?
If he actually believes this, he has no business building anything for human occupancy.
I wouldn’t let him build a doghouse.

You should document this type of crap he is trying feed you.
Have him put this in writing and have him sign it.
I bet he won’t…
Which will prove that he knows better.
He is reaching for the stars with this one.
I would get pretty pissed at his lack of respect for your intelligence. :evil:

Yep, the man is correct.

Well known signs of poor/nonexistent ventilation, roof ventilation 101…

What else is wrong with your home?

The guy probably didnt pay “that much less” for crappy workmanship, as what he would have for good workmanship…

Take him to court, and make him learn his lesson. If you have this problem, then its likely many of his customers have this problem.

Class action lawsuit…

Ryan and all of the other cookie cutter home builders require, within the small print of the sales contract, that the home owner gives up the right to court action.

All claims Must go through mandatory arbitration by the arbitor of Ryans designation per the agreement.


Workmanship wise you may be correct. Mold is an entirely different issue all together. Take the following steps: 1. Call your homeowners insurance rep and tell them your problem and have the mold tested.

2.Call the Monroe county health dept. and voice your concern. For sure if there are children or elderly living in the home.

  1. Call a local law firm that has handled mold cases before and won. Yes, like in roofing ask for references and check them out. Most lawyers are dirtbags.

  2. Call and independent firm to test the mold and not a mold removal contractor. You want it tested and it costs between $350 and $500.

This is a good starting point. Establish what type of mold is in your attic.

First, read your insurance policy, especially the exclusions.

Mold is commonly excluded in insurance contracts, unless created by a covered disaster.

No matter what, take care of family health concers first and foremost.