Rubber roof tare off


I’m looking at a upper porch that has tourch down applied and needs to be removed and resheeted,it is 4 sq what would any of you guys charge plus it has wrought iron rails that have to be removed and put back I’m going to install 060 epdm any advice"? I’/ts one layer


how will you be terminating the iron rails after they are installed thru your new roof??


ha ha . no but what do you do "?


it depends on conditions. are they too close to the edge detail?do i have enough room for a factory pitch pocket? do i use form flash and wrap them the old fasioned way?


450 a square for epdm 350 for torch.


How can anyone price things out by the square, especially without seeing it first?

Un-freakin-believable. :frowning:


they just dont make roofers like they used to !!!