Rubber Roof on Roof Saddle

I have two saddles on my roof that were covered with a rubber roof 19 years ago.
It is time for a new roof and I am hoping I can go with something besides the rubber roof.
Is there a shingle that can be used instead of the rubber roof? I live in lower Michigan.

Can you post some pics so we get a better idea of your situation? There are self-stick and torch-down products covered in granules like a shingle, but the colors are limited.

If the current product lasted 19 years, why try something else?
But yes,post some pictures,if you can.

Never understood that mindset. Bidding a 2700 sq commercial with 45 mil EPDM that was 27 years old. Owner wanted TPO. The EPDM was 3X it’s warranty, pointed that out and sold him a 60mil FA

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Attached is a picture of the saddle. Yes I realize it worked out well but I am trying to get away from climbing up on the roof (obviously not as young as I was 19 years ago ) to apply the reflective coating every year. Just wondering if there are new products that wouldn’t require the maintenance?IMG_5329|666x500

just lay sbs base,cap sheet ,torch for cheap or selfadhering .it should last as long as the roof.

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Put EPDM on it. No maintenance for 30 years.

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In this situation, it would last longer than the shingle roof Because you would have no side seams to fail.
Use granulated modified bitumen ( torch grade) it is the toughest.
I use Certainteeds.
But if you cant, use the self-adhered granulated modified bitumen by Certainteed or what is available to you.

Not sure, but looks to me like you might already have the modified bitumen torch grade
The Non-granulated (smooth Grade) which required you to keep it painted.

Next roof get the granulated.
If you want super duper protection and just peace of mind
Because you dont believe in the competence
Of the roofer
Have it done in 2-ply.
Meaning every lap is at approx 18-19 inches
Instead of 36 inches.
Its such a small area, The cost and time would be negligible.
The cost would only be for one additional roll.

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