Rubber Roof Bubbles


Do you ever go to Minneapolis? We’d be right on your way if you would like a small job… I’m having a hard time finding someone here!


this happens when there is Still water traped or the wood is still not complety dry, when it warms up outside the water evapertes with nowhere to go but up so now your getting the steam pockets and they will continue for some time. They need to remove the epdm [rubber] and let the area dry and make sure its not damp in anyway before they apply the glue, make sure they stir the glue and thy let it dry or cureset before rolling the rubber


Dougger222 is in the Mn area.

I know he does a lot of shingle work, but maybe if he doesn’t do EPDM, he can refer you to someone reputable.



Thanks everyone.

Question 1:
From those of you who do this a lot, can you give me names of a couple of your favorite brands of contact cement, to see about this good-glue bad-glue argument?

Question 2:
We put a stop payment on our second check to contractor 0. Do we have to do anything else in writing to void the contract with contractor 0 due to unsatisfactory work by contractor 1? I guess I’m willing to let them keep the $475 assuming #2 and #3 tell me that was a fair price for the part of the job they did right. (edit: which they did, in the ballpark) If we use #2 or #3 of course we’ll have a contract with them.

Any advice?


What arrangement that happens between contactor 1 & Subcontractor 0 is between them. Your concern should be with “WHO YOU HAVE YOU SIGNED CONTRACT WITH”, that is the person you should be dealing with directly to correct the problems, I understand you wanting to help the other guy, but that is his problem. He is the one that did the bad work to begin with and if this situation manifests worse from here (forbid), The contact is what You will and Who you will have answer to this situation.



more to this story, I will talk to a lawyer


Interesting update… they were insisting that there was nothing wrong with the roof! I hadn’t mentioned that the extra glue flashing off was giving off noxious fumes as well. We had to keep all the windows closed.

In early June, I sent them a letter with a deadline to fix the roof. They called at 7AM one day close to the deadline and threatened a lien (!) if payment wasn’t made immediately. I said, no, your work is unsatisfactory, I’m talking to a lawyer. By 8:30 AM, while I was talking on the phone with a lawyer, we hear a thunk against the house. The co-owner of the company 0 (who hadn’t been involved up to this point) climbed up there (didn’t call first) and looked around and said he’d be happy to replace the right half of the roof. 4 days later he did, and it is much better, but still not perfect. I haven’t yet released the stop payment, but I think I could probably do so after a few things are resolved. I asked him to present a certificate of liability insurance and a written guarantee, and he hasn’t appeared with that yet. But there are small things that need to be attended to, see photos below -

It’s been on a week, and it’s so much better! He did allow the glue to dry properly, which dramatically cut down on the noxious fumes.

It was SOOOO much work to get them to do this!! They kept saying the original roof would never leak, but obviously don’t care about safety considerations of breathing toluene, or customer satisfaction. Or take pride in their work.

Still a few things to ask you all about. Here are some pix.

Left side:

New, improved right side - looks like a patchwork of three pieces, but MUUUCCCHHH better than before. Just one obvious wrinkle.

But there are spots where water puddles a little:

parts where the seam tape doesn’t lay flat- or is sloppy,

and by the doorway threshold, the rubber is like a trampoline - I can push down 3/4" before feeling the hardboard. They said this is okay. It doesn’t seem right to me.

comments/critiques? Still a few bubbles in the new side, but compared to before, marginally acceptable now?




There’s “bubbles” & then there’s a Class IV rapids, which is what you have going on up there.

In no way, shape or form would I ever suggest that your application was right.

One of the primary concerns with trapped air (in the ripples or air bubbles) is that the hot air heats up in the summer & expands; contracts in the winter. You’ll get cracking & advanced aging. It’s almost like 1/3 of your membrane isn’t even in direct contact with the roof deck.


It looks alot better this time. The major problem I see in the pics is that the threshold will leak. the screws penetrate the epdm on the flat surface of the roof and are unsealed.The doorway is to low to start with and then improperly flashed in.
The fish mouths in the T joints can be repaired.
The ponding water is minimal and shouldnt affect anything.
One more visit and it will be close.