Rubber roof bubbles and bounce

Hi there, my roofer installed a rubber roof on a part of my roof about 2 months ago. The bubbles are still crazy and but we just realized that the roof has significant bounce —I am a 130 lbs woman and especially along the seams, the roof “gives” with each step. I have a video but can’t seem to upload it here.

Located in wisconsin=ton of snow.

Roofer is coming tomorrow. Please help me understand if this is normal and what I should request to get fixed, if any. Thank you.

Do those wrinkles move if you push them with your foot? If it’s a fully adhered system, is the adhesive solvent or water based? Is the roof over a heated area? Was this a tear off / re-deck, or a recover?

Yes, wrinkles move if I push them with foot.

I am sorry, I am not sure I know what a fully adhered system is. The roof is over a heated area. My understanding is that it was a tearoff and redeck.

Thank you!

Need to know if the rafters are on 16" OR 24" centers, and what thickness of OSB/plywood was used. FA system uses glue to hold the membrane to the fiberboard that’s being held down by the 3" plates screwed to the deck. They apparently went too light on the adhesive. If you’re in WI you’ll need 2 way vapor vents to keep the moisture out of the system.