Roughly how much?


Remove and install
200sq of ballasted .60 Epdm 10 x 50( stone to be reused)roof has all the details you hate: 4 ac units with ductwork, 50 penetrations, no parapet walls, concrete slab deck, insulation board 3 inches thick,easy acces around the building, 10 feet above the ground,gravel stop edging,
5 center drains,5 outside drains,location: afluent greenwich-westchester county line. Any prices???
oh by the way, materials and disposal is roughly 55,000.


im gonna throw out my bid of $100,000

do i get the job?


thank you for your reply, I wish I had the power to say yes, “go ahead and do it”. I was expecting a little higher than that. Let me say that most of Fairfield county roofers will be shocked at a low price like that!! Go bless


well, im in oklahoma, so i’ll need travel expenses. lol


Believe me agape,there are roofers in your area who would wish to charge as much as we charge in this part of the country. But, at the same time we wish we could have a few tornadoes up here to provide us with some needed work. I guess is all relative!
Best wishes to you and your company


LOL!! thanks!

and its not tornados that give me the bulk of my business, its the baseball, and softball (and sometimes larger) hail!




$145,000 for labor?

he said materials and disposal is $55,000.

really? i mean, thats $1,000 a square. LOL…i was thinking $500/sq was lowballing by like $50-100 (sometimes u gotta be a little lower than average to get the big deals)… but DAYUM!


I wish I was into flat roofs. if you need any asphalt quotes give me a call I’m in CT 1-860-309-0493.


NYS my wormans comp rates are 18% higher on commercial jobs. Also thats why i dont do commercial :wink:


What did I tell ya Agape??? $$$$$$$$$$ crazy aint it?

                  take care guys!!!


Although, I`m thinking!!! If I charge 200 grand and get the job. SOMEBODY from OKlahoma will be visiting CT for me…lol



to hell with those prices! thats insane!