Rotted Interior Decking

I have noticed a decent patch of rotted decking on the inside of my attic.

Is this something I can repair myself, if so how would I go about doing this? Should I just hire a repair person? If so, what is a fair price to pay for this type of repair? I live in the Houston area.

See the pics of the damage below…

That has been leaking for quite some time.
It is an easy fix though.

Remove enough shingles to expose the entire sheet of OSB.
Remove the bad OSB, the entire sheet.
Replace with a sheet of OSB of the same thickness.
Apply felt or Ice & water shield to the repaired area.
Replace the shingles that you removed.

If you do not understand these instructions, you should hire someone to do it for you.

RanchHand is in your area, maybe a little far away.
He can hook you up with somebody reputable.

In North East Ohio we charge $54.00 per man hour on repairs, plus the cost of material. We bill portal to portal(drive time). :smiley:

I’ve gotten a quote for $350. Does $350 seem like a fair price to repair this job?

Sounds kinda low, but it isn’t that difficult to repair.

$ 350.00 sounds to me like a decent jumping off point… I’d take the work, but I’m in Austin & am not going to Houston. :smiley:

I’d be charging about $ 100.00 more if it was a 2 story; much rather see that near the ridge 'cause it would be a much faster repair vs. tuck headlaps under reveals. Also, you’re looking @ 1 bundle of shingles, no more… should be able to do a ¼ piece of ply for the repair; do the deck a favor & add some new wood along the rafters so you get some reinforcing along this narrow section of replaced decking.

The pitch seems to be around a 9:12? Hard to tell by any photo, but this one has me thinking that’s about right. An eave fix is going to involved more ladder work than something higher up in field. Then again, no toe boards & a more solid way to work if you ladder up some boards for a catwalk.

Let’s talk about WHY you have a leak… it is very unusual to see a leak in field. Was there a tree rub? Something had to damage it from the exterior; is there a valley on the other side of this decking?

Also, if the shingles are more than 6 years old, you will NOT get a color match that’s going to look blended, so get on with life right now.

That’s my take on it.

Oh, & we have a recent contributor here who is in the Houston (NE, anyhow) area. Granted, from Austin to Sealy (Western suburb of H-Town) might take less time than from Highlands to Sealy. Traffic is a major pain. I’d rather go 50 miles out of my way than to drive through Houston…

Thanks for all the advice! We went ahead and had a roofer come by and do the work for a little over $350. Yeah, Austin is at least a 3-4 hour road trip from here. They said the roof had the leak due to 2 small holes (looked like nail holes, but no nails in sight). We do have huge tree/shrub-like plant on the side of the house that towers over the roof, so I’m guessing that is the culprit.

if it is a couple of small holes it is usually the siding guys pump jacks and they nail and secure right through the shingles and dont caulk the holes or change that shingle. See it all the time.