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Hello all… i am new to this site…this season (starting in April) i am going to make my guys go to harness fall protection rather than the toe boards we normally use for OSHA…i am curious what ROPE GRABS have been used by you all and what recommendations you have…i have two picked out and i am curious what you guys suggest…thanks…


I’ve got a few sets, but never used them.


yeah most around here in southeast Missouri cant even spell OSHA…but i have had them hit me twice in on year (two years ago) so we used toe boards…but its a huge pain…i am not so much concerned with top performance as much as what works but is not really annoying to work with…


I had OSHA show up once. They called before they came so I knew they were comming. I told the guys to hurry up and try to find where all the harnesses were. They had them on by the time he got there and the first thing he said is “wow, those look very nice and new.” We had them for a little over two years.


Hi hill.brandonj

Any cam-style grab will work well and is a lot more convenient than rigging a prusik. Watch out for the grabs that have their cam retained with a “quick release pinâ€Â


Hoped your prepared for twice as many man hours on a job, harnesses are a pain in the …


They SUCK!!!


never owned a fall restraint system till this year. Never fallen off the roof.(through the roof yes roofer josh), just thought i might want to go home to my family at the end of the day, and i work alone alot, so i got a harness and restraint system. Ya, its a pain in the butt, but with a cell phone secured to the harness at least i know i can call for someone to cut me down if need be. BUT, still i only use it < 8/12 three stories up.Or when the situation calls. Most of the time i just use 2x6 jacks. Hummm must be a mind game.



The company that I work for requires 100% tie off. We have been that way for at least 3 or 4 years. We use … fault.aspx.
After a while you get used to it.



We have to wear them but we don’t I hate safety in a bucket they don’t work won’t stop you and probably will make you fall when youstep on a rope. A d-ring belt with a pelican hook and a 20’ choker is probably the easiest. Or cable lanyards hooked to a horizontal life line in pittsburgh the fine is like 5k per guy for not having them and at least if your guy has it on and he falls and gets killed your 75 percent covered for having them. Just say he was setting up or on his way down. Company I sub. Off of had a guy get killed 3 yrs ago so osha is all over us


i ordered all of my stuff for my company yesterday… i ordered two types of grabs…hope one is user-friendly

the harnesses, i love, i have one already from last year…its just the grabs i am concerned with


I think lanyards bungee type with pelican hooks a 12’ at the ridge and wear a 6’ at the eaves a lot easier to maneuver running a 3/8 cable horizontal lifeline that’s the only way I’d do it the rope grabs ill quit if I have to wear them


i used a harness rope system once on a roof and it makes you feel safer when yer real high and steep but it is kinda a pain if it gets tangled with yer air hose plus a always worry about stepping or tripping on the rope -the harness dosnt bother me i got used to them every day in colorado where i built and fixed ski lifts and they were mandatory -plus it got damn windy on top of a 60 ft tall lift tower above the tree line- youd be amazed how far a steel tower sways in the wind when theyre that tall- but back to roofing the rope/harness i used was almost impossible to work off just the rope alone cause the d-ring was on yer back - i think if the rope attached maybe on the front of yer waist it would make it alot more comfortable to work from if it was taking all yer weight

  • do any roofers that use them here work just off the rope so that it holds all yer weight with out any roof jacks or wood to stand on and if so how and where does the rope attach to yer harness?


That’s why I wear a d ring belt and not a harness I know their not legit


I wear the same if sitting roof with just rope


"- do any roofers that use them here work just off the rope so that it holds all yer weight with out any roof jacks or wood to stand on and if so how and where does the rope attach to yer harness?"
I do. All the time on awkward stuff.


I forgot to mention. Buckingham Arborist and Petzl make the best work positioning harnesses. A 'D’ring on the back for fall arrest and 2-3 work positioning 'D’rings on the front.


I wear a rigging belt no harness they suck. And I don’t mind chokers or landards bungee type



My other link did not work so here is another link. This is the type of harness we use. … 108500.htm
It is the construction style harness. It has side D-rings and a back D-ring. I use a 2ft lanyard attached to the back D-ring to make it easier to hook up to ropes. I also have a short lanyard that I hook between the 2 side D-rings and attach a rope to, allowing me to hang facing forward.
I have torn off, shingled, and installed panels hanging on a rope on steep roofs. No problems.

As I said in an earlier post… Once you get used to it it is like second nature.



nice stuff tiner.