Rooftop deck/patio

:roll: hey guys. i was wondering if any of you have any suggetions for my situation? i did a 6’x85’ .060 rubber roof with an 1/8" per foot slope peak in the middle and tapered toward each side. what i need is suggestions for the deck we dont want to build a deck and patio stones are too bulky “asthetically” and the rubber pavers are just too expensive. anyone have a thought?

Was looking for pavers yesterday and was looking at these. Cheapest are 4.26 sq ft. … Categories

But yeah, If you want a lot of foot traffic on EPDM you are going to need pavers or modular decking of some sort. If you wanted to use the roof as a patio as is you should have gone with torch applied modified. Your only choice now is to put something over the EPDM to protect it or learn how to patch it when it leaks.

tar monkey you are the man… or should i say you are the roofer… i love the app. so does the boss! thanks