Roofing Wear Recommendations Plz~

Hey guys, so I do roofing in Florida where it gets quite hot, and whenever our boss is on site we are expected to wear a shirt so as to appear “professional”…

I saw on a facebook roofing group the other week that some people are using a fan air conditioned shirt on the job:

I want to know if anyone has tried these and how they work? I am most interested in the pants because my lower body tends to get exceptionally sweaty and uncomfortable.


garbage,ive just tried allegro cooling vest.tried fans etc.
only lowering body fat and preseason adaptation via hard work.up to 105f is bearable
put on some pima cotton tshirt ,any tracking shorts and good to go.+brim hat with neck cover.ez

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Asus is right. And please refrain from the “sweaty lower body” talk.
If someone showed up on one of our jobs wearing those fans my crews would heckle them so hard they’d never come back!

Take your shirt off, soak it in cold water, wring it out and put it back on. You won’t sweat til it dries out… That was a Damn Yankee in Georgia trick…

I am very interested in stuff like this.
My brother-in-law is a successful AC contractor and inventor.
He is non-stop working on an
air conditioned vest.

Professional FF for 28 years. What worked for me was ice packs in armpits and groin. Your blood is like coolant, and if you hit the areas where all the blood has to travel through, you’ll cool down quick. Never put them on your head. You’ll get a bad headache like a hangover, condensation maybe?

There was a pith helmet with a solar powered exhaust fan on top about 40 years ago. I never tried it.