Roofing tear off and replacement amount


I have a question about replacing roof I have 33.12 sqrs that must be removed with 1 valley how many sqrs should have to be put back on if you take of the 33,12?


Is this a trick question?..
How many squares meaning what you measured
vs. how many bundles do you need to order?
Pictures and dimensions would be helpful.


36 1/3


It depends on the roof complexity and how frugal you are about saving partial shingles to use in odd spots. My supplier said to add 10% so he brought 22 squares for my 20 square roof, I was too careful and ended up with 2 bundles left :>) but they take them back so no problem other than carrying them down the ladder…DaveB


36 2/3


depends how many valleys, dormers, hips…etc.


alright… 36 3/3 then.


He said there was only 1 valley.

36 1/3 is a little heavy as it is.

Still need cap though…


round your numbers up.
you have 34sq.
should need 35sq.



If you have a shingle stretcher you can order about 25% less.

Most of the lowest priced roofers have one of these tools.