Roofing Subcontractor looking for work in Chicago orFlorida

I am looking for a very reliable source of work, someone who is capable of giving a 20-30 square jobs 3 to 5 times a week and keeping us busy throughout the winter season. I have liability insurance and workman compensation as well. I have the necessary tools for all residential roofing jobs. My crew and I are very fast, efficient and detail oriented. We take extra precautions to protect the customer’s home from any possible risks of damage. We prefer to use plywood and tarps on doors and windows for protection. My current employers are Champion Roofing, Avondale Roofing and Linholm Roofing. References can be had. I worked for a few other roofing companies in the off season in Florida and when it would get slow here in Illinois. These roofing companies had very skilled owners and employees. Over the years I have gained knowledge and experience from the different companies I have worked for as well as being self taught. Through these different companies I have combine all the best roofing tools and techniques to apply. I continue to think of new ways to improve my work whether it being a better way of roofing or a new tool or new techniques.

I am seeking a successful driven business.

If this describes what you are looking for please contact me at 815-733-0419.

looking for work in Chicago, Florida or New orleans

Thank you.

Mike Bavone

Hi This is Martin, I live in the Tampa area, and it is also very slow here. Please visit my web site
Perhaps you have any idear what we can do tgether,
write me

Take care Martin
I am also member by the SRCA of North America

You WILL NOT find that quanity of work in florida. If you don’t believe me, c’mon down and starve like the rest of us.