Roofing sub... and sales looking for a good company to work


at this time am in texas but i also travel to oklahoma to do sales on the weekends… but am looking for a roofing company that will keep me bussy… am intrested in travelling to ohio or Minnesota. Am also a sub-contractor with 3 roofing crews, i do the sales and i like for them to do the jobs… this makes my job easy i use to be the one doing roofs with them but know i want to do the sales and they will do the work… the only thing i have to do is go back and get the money my roofing crew leaders will get any extra materials if needed and i will concentrate in the sales… am hispanic and i have a millitary back ground to me doing a job includes loyal to buss…owner and do my jobs on time and goood results…any one intrested in my service let me know at 405 326 0001


llook up liberty he is in ohio and i think he is looking for a sales guy. He may not be in the same token. Check him out thou


am looking for their company but no luck


you want to do the sales, and installation all on your own, using your own guys?

and have worked in oklahoma before?

let me see some of your work, and some references, and i’d consider it.

there is still a shit-ton of houses (large ones) to do all around here.


am going to be returning my invoices tomorrow for some houses we did this week un yukon…i wanted to start my buss… in foley Alabama and it when well for me for almost 7 to 8 months and the economy problem got everything down to one House a month…look for me under A&E Roofing Contracting … i will show you my city lic. and i also work as a subcontractor with Island Roofing and at this time am working for Salazar Roofing…my hopes is if we ever get a storm in Alabama am going back and turn my numbers back on and do the money… am still paying for the yellow pages… internet too… most of the work i did was new construction for Ark builders… :idea: call me i can send my guys to do a house for u and u can see the quality work we do… of course first job is going to be from one of ur Sales rep… make sure they got all my guys are going to need…


what do they need besides materials?

i only use subs, so i dont keep any equipment or tools (besides a metal break, and a few little things for repairs). i can set them up on a job, and see how they work, then inspect it and let you know.

english speaking crew?

bring your own trailer/dumpster?

what kind of price on/of and per pitch we lookin at?

how many nails per shingle they used to?

i also have an office and local 405 number in OKC if you want to keep working out of OKC/norman/stillwater area, there is a ton of recent damage there too.

either way, let me know some specifics. (PM me if u dont want to post it)