Roofing software programs?


Is anyone using software to help manage their roofing company? Like sales, project management.
Our company is trying out BuilderTrend right now. Anyone use buildertrend? I feel as if our roofing company could benefit from a software like this.

Here are some others:
FCS Roofing
Contractors Cloud

Any advice??

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What is the main problem you want solve from that software?


I have never used any of the above software myself and would love to learn more. Let us know how BuilderTrend works for you :slight_smile:

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Mostly organization and effective communication.


We passed on BT. Its more for GCs with big projects. We will be trying another software early 2019. Ill let you know what we choose to try and how it goes.


I have used Contractor’s Cloud and recommend it to other companies all the time. It is a great system for roofing contractors. It allows you to track all your expenses on a job, separate out insurance starting amount and supplements added to claim. It runs all kinds of reports and is easy to use. I even put together a basic training session for the sales guys to walk them through how to add new clients and upload paperwork in there. You can send emails from it, assign tasks to certain people, and basically do all your communicating through it. It will also sync with your QB so you are not double entering items. Basically, it is well worth the cost and your team has access to it and the files in it from where ever they are 24/7.


I am currently looking into contractors cloud. The only issue that I am having is the per month cost vs the benefit to a 25year old roofing company. We currently use the white board method and job folders. My issues are keeping the small office organized and on the same page. Does anyone use a free or excel type project and customer management?


use eagle view for your estimate there the best


Seriously? Eagleview sucks big time. Frequently low due to incorrect pitches and missing roof pieces.