Roofing Salesman

I really need some sharp guys who can close, to come and work for me. Any one here interesed in making 65-100k before the snow flies in Indianapolis? :smiley:

Why dont you just do the sales and make that money. If you were in michigan i would take you up on that but well relocating my family and all that would be a challange in it self.

I will sell about 50 jobs myself by just being at the right place at the right time. But I’m looking to do more then that for the year as a company. I ran ads in the classifieds for two weeks, you DO NOT want to know the caliber of people that applied. I’m glad that the sales part is as an independant sales rep, so I’m not bound by the employment hiring laws.

Out of 25 appointments set for interviews only 4 people actually showed and we hired one.

If I sell 50 jobs will you give me 80K?

Um you’ll need to sell more jobs then 50 to make 80k.

I would be interested in speaking to you about the position. I have extensive roofing experience, and sales experience.


We’d be happy to talk to you about the position. Please call us at 317-292-4587. Thats my sales managers number. Just tell him how you got it and that we talked on the boards.


Dammit, thought I could drop the 100 jobs that I have sold and make a cool 160k an retire :mrgreen:

Hey Ridge are looking for any subs down there. I am in Northwestern Indiana. And how much are they paying subs a square down there?

Hey Ski,

Don’t really need any sub for installing roofs, just needing salesman really bad! = ). I’m paying my sub’s $45/SQ for single layer tear off, plus extras if needed. This does not include steep or second story etc.

thanks for the reply ridge i have a guy up here paying me 80 a square and then if steep of course extra. if you get really busy and need me to fill in here and there give me a call i am about 2 and hours north of you and I dont see it being a problem

[quote=“RidgeWalker”]Hey Ski,

Don’t really need any sub for installing roofs, just needing salesman really bad! = ). I’m paying my sub’s $45/SQ for single layer tear off, plus extras if needed. This does not include steep or second story etc.[/quote]

What crap prices, then again all the mexicans care about is working 7 days a week. You could atleast pay them a decient wage.

You can thank the insurance companies for the wages we pay. But that’s a completely differant issue alltogether.

Well that seems to be the norm in indy the other guy wanted to sub out a job for 40 a square. But I just did an insurance job up here and gave the customer a price of about 215 a square for a one layer 6/12 with archs going down and they sent the check out the next day. So you guys need to talk to the insurance companies down there.

even if material was 80 a square
that leaves 135 left for labor so i dont know
I mean i get stuff subbed for 80 a square and that price my guy wishes he could make 55 a square. If I sub things out I dont need to make a hundred a square I mean all I have to do is pull the permit and dumpster and material and make money on other jobs so why would I cut someone elses throat so I can make more money. If I pay my subs well then I know they are going to do a good job and I am gonna make money on something I am not doing work on. And help another contractor out. Sounds pretty good to me.

And also what I am hearing is that insurance companies are only paying 3300 for a 30 sq house. I just did a 24 square one layer tear off and lowest bidder on that was 4800 man I can’t believe this. Not so much that you guys are lying but who would cut there own throat to do a 30 sq job for that price that’s why roofer’s make less and less every year.

I seriously doubt that the total amount paid by whatever insurance company that is mentioned in your post, only paid 110 per square.

One thing I can tell you NO legit roofing company is working for 110 per square. so um yeah.

Well i do know one thing about insurance work, they pay alot more than 45 a square for labor. Up here in Michigan you could not get a crew worth anything for 45 a square. Please do not tell me your reasons why you pay this small amount.


The mexicans work for 45 per square here in Indy. The white guys have been at 60 or more per square for the last 7 years.

We all know what ridge walker is…by his post.