Roofing salesman duties

I am looking for some advice on what a salesmens duties or job descriptions are after he closes the job. Thank You

Hand over the details to the project manager and go sell some more.

pick up the check

I trying to find out if the sales person has any other duties besides just selling the job Thanks

Estimate the roof, sell and pick up the check. Other than answering all the questions the home owner has there is nothing i can think of.

Follow up on all leads that were NOT closed. Try to close them with a follow up.

Cold calling on builders, atempt to sell roof mait. plans to large property owners.


Also you guys forgot about, 1. Signed Contacts does it have all infor about customer and job.

                                      2. Material order, How many squares,How many rolls of felt 30# or 15# L.F starter,L.F. Ridge,L.F. Drip Edge, Valleys metal, ice and water shield,Pipe jacks,RV 53`s Lead boots, eletric mast, Funace caps and storm collars.

                                      3. Gopher go get anything you left off of material order, and decking if needed.

                                      4. and last and not least, Homeowner offical personal complaint department 24/7.

and then go get check and get yourself paid after months of BS.
Feel free to add anymore thoughts you all can think of.

and then go get check
Len :mrgreen:


Make work order.
Fax purchase order to supply house.
Write job on the board.

Meet with foreman once a week to go over the jobs completed in the previous week. Go over everything from material lists to time given to complete job, were instructions correct.

There is also some else who figures if the jobs where profitable. If not we figure out why not.

Sales means many different things to many different companies.

I used to work for a place that the salesman got an appointment from a call in, runs the lead, sells the job, picks up a 1/3 deposit. Then turns in the deposit along with a tear sheet that contains a contract, diagram of the roof, picture of the house, special notes, # of squares/accessories. That salesman then gets 10% of the total sale price, and never has to do anything again. The job goes to the production dept. and it gets scheduled. Once the job gets completed, a qc inspector checks the job, and delivers an invoice to the customer.

Now I work for a place where the salesman does everything. Runs the appt., sends his specialized crew to the job, collects the check, inspects the project, etc.

Different strategies work for different companies.